Anonymous ASKED:
I don't want Wolvie to die. I don't want RoLo to become not-canon again! Someone hold me TnT

We should start a prayer circle come September. But in the meantime, there are plenty of fellow fans here to hold you, anon! You’re not alone. :(


I realized I never got around to posting this. So here’s an X-Men: Days of Future Past piece I did a while back now. 

Darlin’, I could ride this bad boy through a tornado in a brickyard!

Wolverine #93 (1995)

Darlin’, I could ride this bad boy through a tornado in a brickyard!

Wolverine #93 (1995)

for all your tiled background image needs!

kingsnooki ASKED:
wanted you to know that your blog is very important to me

Oh, thank you! You and all the followers, visitors, supporters and fellow fans, you’re all very important to this blog too :) 

thranduil-aran-edhil ASKED:
Sorry for the aparent dumb question but was RoLo canon in 2005? I heard people saying their current relationship was the first between them in 616

Oh, it’s not a dumb question at all! ♥ Mostly because the answer to that is kind of weird; the photoset that was posted before this was from 2005, and yeah it shows them exchanging a brief kiss while sparring. 2004/5 was also the year with them going out on a date or two (they went to Broadway! and then another time they doubledated with Kurt and a nurse that Kurt met, also to Broadway! Logan, fan of theater: canon

That said, they technically never made it “official” or whatever. But then again, Ororo and Logan don’t really strike me as the type to conform to relationship labels that society likes to parade around. They’re comfortable with each other, no one else is as real with them as they are for each other and there’s a level of trust and respect there that’s amazing. 

Uncanny X-Men #455 (2005)
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